How to Make a Fairy Garden

4th March, 2024 | Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are miniature worlds where imagination takes flight. Crafting small scenes with plants, found objects and fairy figurines allows us to create a tiny bit of magic we can care for and enjoy. Making a fairy garden is a creative endeavour that brings out our inner child, sparking joy and wonder. In this blog, we will explore the steps for making your own enchanting fairy garden.

Choosing a Fairy Garden Location

The first decision in planning your fairy garden is choosing an indoor or outdoor location. Outdoor spaces allow you to incorporate natural elements like plants, rocks and water features. However, accessories must be weatherproof. Indoor fairy gardens have space constraints but allow for more delicate decorations. Choose based on your existing garden features or available indoor space. An old wheelbarrow, tree stump or decorative container will serve as the foundation of your fairy garden.

Selecting a Fairy Garden Theme

After choosing a location, pick a creative theme or story to guide your design and décor choices. Envisioning a woodland wonderland? Choose plants and objects fitting a forest setting. Building a beachside fairy village? Incorporate shells, sand and sunny plants. Other whimsical ideas include fairy-themed books, movies or plays, different architectural styles, village scenes or fantasy locations.

Making a Plan

With your theme selected, sketch out a rough plan for bringing your mini world to life. Decide on focal points to catch the eye, like a central structure, water feature or colourful plant. Avoid clutter by limiting accessories and figurines. Group complementary elements together, allowing open spaces for play and imagination. Planning ahead helps build a balanced, cohesive fairy garden.

Selecting Plants For Your Fairy Garden

When selecting plants, consider size, texture, colour and care requirements. Tiny succulents, creeping herbs and delicate ferns suit the fairy scale. Slow growing evergreens offer year-round structure. Choose species matching your theme and garden conditions like sun exposure and drainage. Bunch plants in cohesive groups but leave room for decorations and play. If live plants don’t suit your space, incorporate realistic artificial greenery.

Accessorising Your Fairy Garden

Decorating your fairy garden sparks creative fun. Include tiny fairy cottages, furniture, bridges, swings and ladders crafted from natural items or whimsical materials. Sculpt clay mushrooms, acorn cups, small birdhouses, broken tiles and pebble mosaics. Bark, feathers, shells and crystals add organic charm. Decide whether to include fairy figurines or leave this domain for imaginary inhabitants. The options for accessorising are endless!


Building a fairy garden awakens our inner child through creative play and imagination. Choose an indoor or outdoor location, select a theme then plan your mini landscape. Incorporate plants and objects suiting your vision, leaving room for embellishments and make-believe inhabitants. Nurture your garden and enjoy this tiny, magical world you’ve created where wonders unfold. Let your fairy garden transport you to the realms of once-upon-a-time.


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