Size and colourings of items may vary.

The Fiddlehead house and accessories range are weatherproof  but there may still be some slight fading over time, especially if items are left exposed to the elements all year round.  We recommend that these items are stored in a dry place over winter.

Some metal items are not as weatherproofed as the Fiddlehead range and can be subject to rust if left exposed.

It should be noted that none of our miniature products are intended as toys. They are unsuitable for very young children due to the fact that they can contain very small parts. Small pebbles and tiny items can be swallowed and some items may have sharp edges.

We recommend that very small children are supervised at all times when using our products to create their beautiful miniature fairy gardens.

All prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling (£).

We may need to increase our prices in the event of manufacturer price increases.  We therefore reserve the right to change our prices at any time without notice. These price increases will not effect confirmed orders.

We will not accept any liability for any charges levied by your bank/card issuer whatsoever irrespective of your chosen payment method.